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Change starts with education

Our after-school program provides a nurturing environment for disadvantaged children to thrive beyond the school day. We provide academic support, life skills training, and character development, instilling confidence and encouraging initiative.

Special attention is given to emphasizing each child’s inherent worth and potential. The program fosters a sense of community, friendship and mutual support, as well as opportunities for mentorship and leadership. Despite the challenges these children face, we believe in their ability to excel and make a positive impact on society.

Join us as we turn trials into triumphs and dreams into reality.

Our children

We help disadvantaged children aged 5-17 from low-income families, facing socio-economic challenges and emotional struggles. Often victims of bullying or isolation, they are in desperate need of academic support, life skills training, and a nurturing, affirming environment.

What we offer

Tuesday through Thursday from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., we offer interactive learning sessions and heartwarming chats with mentors. If we have money, we provide a light meal. But it’s more than just food and learning; it’s about nourishing souls with spiritual guidance and abundant love.

What we give

We provide each child with the essentials for their education and well-being. At the beginning of the year, we purchase a sturdy backpack and fill it with textbooks, two notebooks for each subject, and a pencil case with necessary stationery.
In winter, we provide some of the children with warm clothes from thrift stores.
We provide medicine for the sick children.
If we have enough money, we provide a small meal every day.

Our efforts

Through our program, we’ve seen children who once lacked confidence transform into confident, outgoing young leaders. Their growth is evident in all areas – academically, socially and emotionally. They now take initiative, show kindness, and are resilient. Parents have evolved as well, becoming more involved in their children’s education. They advocate for their children, overcome their own challenges, and better understand the nuances of positive parenting. This shared journey of growth has resulted in stronger family bonds and a greater sense of community empowerment.

Change starts with education

Our children often have a hard time at school. They have to sit in the back row and are ignored by the teachers. They are often bullied by their classmates.

Through our program, some of our children now sit in the front row!

Roma Girl in Albania


A 12-year-old Roma girl, who had not  attended school, now has what she needs to learn. With the support she received, she’s now enrolled, beginning to write, and absorbing knowledge. Previously unable to read or write, she’s making daily progress in her education, opening new future opportunities for her.

Roma Girl in Albania


She comes from a family with mental health issues and has epilepsy. She didn’t interact with people and often withdrew. Now, she’s beginning to talk to others and even makes jokes. She’s happier and more social, showing significant improvement in her well-being.

Roma Girl in Albania


A diligent student, she asked for a Bible and reads it, expressing a desire to be baptized. She lives in a challenging situation with eight siblings: five girls and three boys. Her family is very poor, and her parents are unemployed.

True stories

Names changed. Images generated by AI.

540 Euro

Donate 540 euros to fund one child in the afterschool­ program per year.

200 Euro

Donate 200 euros to provide a child with lunch for a year.

70 Euro

Donate 70 euros to buy all school supplies for one child per year.

45 Euro

Donate 45 euros to fund one child in the afterschool program per month.

16,50 Euro

Donate 16,50 euros to provide a child with lunch for a month.

Erind & Karla

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