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At Kisha Mozaik, we believe in creating lasting change by empowering individuals and communities. Our focus is on nurturing education, fostering community development, and providing personal help. Join us in our journey to make a meaningful difference.

Donation projects

Education: The Key to a Brighter Tomorrow

Our education initiatives are dedicated to providing quality learning opportunities for children. With our afterschool program we strive to unlock potential and inspire a love for learning.

540 Euro

Afterschool­ program for one child per year.

45 Euro

Afterschool program for one child per month.

16,50 Euro

Lunch for one month and one child.

Nourishing Hope During the Cold Months

In the heart of winter, when the cold bites the hardest, Kisha Mozaik stands by those in need. Our Winterproject is dedicated to distributing essential food packages to 45 families every month, from November to April.

240 Euro

6 food packages for one family for the winter

40 Euro

One food package for one month.

Where Compassion Meets Action.

In every project we undertake, from nurturing education to fostering community development, our heart remains the same – to empower individuals, uplift communities, and create a tapestry of change that weaves together hope, support, and enduring progress.

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Sajmir and Irma

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