“Making known God’s salvation and His saving work among people, through preaching, justice, mercy, and love.”

Sajmir and Irma

Sajmir Brazhdi

Lead Pastor

Pastor Sajmir, committed to fostering diversity and inclusion, has shaped Mosaic Church as a welcoming and vibrant worship space. His engaging sermons display deep biblical understanding and genuine concern for the congregation’s spiritual growth.

As Lead Pastor, he serves the community through outreach programs, social justice initiatives, and compassionate support. His warm personality, humility, and authentic faith have made him a trusted and beloved spiritual leader.

Join Mosaic Church for Pastor Sajmir’s inspiring ministry, as we journey together in faith, discovering our identity in Christ and embracing a biblical culture.

Irma Voka

Irma Voka


As the CEO of her church, Irma Voka is responsible for leading and managing the overall direction and strategy of the organization. Her expertise in management, finances, and legal matters, as well as her passion for empowering people and helping them find their identity, make her an invaluable asset to the church.

She excels in creating a positive work environment that encourages growth and development, while also ensuring that the church’s values and mission are upheld. Under her leadership, the church has experienced significant growth and success, both in terms of its spiritual impact and its financial stability. Irma Voka is a visionary leader who is committed to serving her community and helping others achieve their full potential.

Erind and Karla Shallari

Erind & Karla Shallari

Church Planting Ministry Savër

Erind and Karla, as leaders of the church plant ministry in Savër, are dedicated to fostering spiritual growth within their community. They set the vision and direction for the ministry, defining its mission, values, and long-term goals. Their roles encompass nurturing relationships among church members, developing and implementing discipleship programs, and providing pastoral care. They also engage in community outreach, building bridges with local residents and addressing their needs.

Erind and Karla’s leadership ensures a strong foundation for the church plant, encouraging a vibrant and supportive environment where members can grow in their faith and work together to create a positive impact in Savër.

Hajrid Xhebexhiu

Hajrid Xhebexhiu

Worship Leader

Hajrid Xhebexhiu is a dedicated worship leader at our church, using his exceptional musical talents to create an uplifting and inspiring atmosphere during services. He skillfully leads the congregation in heartfelt praise and worship, drawing people closer to God through the power of music. As a talented pianist and accordionist, Hajrid expertly incorporates a variety of instruments to enrich the worship experience.

In addition to his role as worship leader, Hajrid is actively involved in our after-school program, where he mentors and supports young people in their personal and spiritual growth. He is also a key member of Fusion, our music teaching ministry, sharing his knowledge and passion for music with aspiring musicians and fostering a love for worship in the next generation.

Joglid Cenkollari

Joglid Cenkollari


Joglid Cenkollari serves as the dedicated main leader of Fusion, the music teaching ministry at our church. With his remarkable musical talents and expertise in various instruments, he has been instrumental in guiding and inspiring the next generation of musicians.

Joglid’s unique ability to connect with people of all ages enables him to make a significant impact on both the church community and the afterschool program. As a vital member of the afterschool team, Joglid shares his love for music and imparts valuable life lessons to the children he works with. We are truly grateful to have Joglid as a role model and leader in our community, enriching lives through his passion for music and service.