Church Service

Join us for our Church Service
Every Thursday, 6pm

Welcome to our congregation! Our worship service is a place of devotion and faith, where we gather to engage in praise, preaching, and prayer. Our gatherings consistently attract 35 reliable attendees, sometimes even up to 47. Our visitors, primarily Roma from the village of Savër, always arrive with great joy and open hearts.

The simplicity of our sermons touches hearts and leads to a deeper relationship with Jesus. We aim to inspire and strengthen faith in our community through understandable and moving messages. Praise and worship are central to our service, as they open the doors to God’s presence.

We invite everyone to become part of our growing community, which experiences a deep connection through shared prayer and praise. Come and experience the transformative power of a service that not only proclaims the Word of God but also reaches the hearts of all who attend.

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