Spanish Course

More than just a language Course

Our Spanish course is much more than just a language class. This program serves as a bridge to new opportunities for our seven dedicated students. Some of them have shown remarkable progress, embracing the intricacies of Spanish with enthusiasm and commitment.

In each session, we combine language instruction with shared meals, creating a warm, communal learning environment. Our goal extends beyond linguistic skills; we also introduce teachings about Jesus in Spanish and train students how to pray in their new language. This dual focus on language and faith enriches their learning experience and deepens their spiritual engagement.

By equipping our students with Spanish proficiency, we open doors to employment opportunities that were previously out of reach. Mastery of Spanish—a language spoken by half the world—offers them the chance to pursue higher education and break away from the cycle of poverty that has often been the only path available, such as collecting trash like previous generations.

This course is about creating generational change, empowering students to forge a different path and achieve what they once might have thought impossible. Through learning Spanish, they gain the tools to transform their own lives and potentially those of others in their community.

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