We celebrate our 5th anniversary. And set out into a new era!

Kisha Mozaik is a church that celebrates differences. It lives church as a community of people from different social backgrounds. It is a congregation that cares for the disadvantaged in its neighborhood and addresses social needs. For example, it distributes food packages every month and has an afterschool program for students four days a week with homework help and a small meal – if there is enough money.

Afterschool Program

And Kisha Mozaik has been doing this for 5 years! And has changed people’s lives in a very concrete way. It is not only in Albania that Roma children often sit in the back row of the school class and are ignored by the teachers and bullied by the white students. But through Kisha Mozaik’s afterschool program, their students are now sitting in the front row – and the first students from the program are going to university in Tirana this year. (Right now they are very busy organizing the move to Tirana). And the students did so well that they even won a scholarship and don’t have to pay tuition fees. One of them is studying computer science, the other one business informatics and the third one physiotherapy. Isn’t that a big miracle?

Kisha Mozaik
Kisha Mozaik

And now we´re setting off into a new era.

And now the Kisha Mozaik is setting off into a new era. Through the Dutch foundation Hope for Albania, a church from the US, New day impact and Dag’s Church from Norway they got a new house. From a congregation in a store, they have become a social center with three floors. And this is now the part where you can come in: The rooms are still completely empty. No chairs – no tables – no materials – and no teachers yet. Because in one way the community was too successful. Because the three who are going to study now were previously the teachers in the afternoon program. (And one more person, but he also moved to Tirana). Until now the Kisha Mozaik had about 35 children in the afternoon program – but without teachers the program cannot start again even with a new and bigger building.

Kisha Mozaik
Kisha Mozaik
Kisha Mozaik
Kisha Mozaik

Are you ready to fill the new building with life?

Are you ready to fill the new building with life? Then join our first fundraiser to celebrate our fifth anniversary and the dawn of a new era for Kisha Mozaik. Kisha Mozaik would like to hire three teachers to work in the afternoon program for 8 months of the year (that’s how the school year goes), four days a week from 2:00 – 4:00 pm each day.

2950 Euro

Donate 2950 € to fund one teacher for one year.

370 Euro

Donate 370 € to fund one teacher for one month.

90 Euro

Donate 90 € to fund one teacher for one  week.

25 Euro

Donate 25 € to fund one teacher for one day.

Together we can ensure
a brighter future for Albania’s children.

You can also split your donation into monthly contributions and set up a standing order.

By the way, the story behind Kisha Mozaik has been going on for more than 5 years. The people of Hope for Albania Foundation have known Sajmir Brazhdi, the founder and pastor of the church since he was 15 years old. Since then, they have accompanied him and his wife Irma Voka over the years and witnessed him grow from a youth to a young man and now a strong leader. Sajmir turns 40 this year. They have seen the faithfulness and passion this couple has for the community and the people in the neighborhood over all these years – and so it is with great joy that they have made this new big house possible.

Sajmir and Irma

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